Woodland Dentistry to move to new building on Third Avenue in Alexandria

ALEXANDRIA – The corner of Third Avenue and Jefferson Street, across from Orb Management and Real Estate, will soon have a new tenant – Woodland Dentistry.

The dental office, owned and operated by Tyler Geyen, is expanding into a brand new, much larger facility.

Dr. Tyler Geyen

“What prompted this is patient demand,” said Geyen, who bought the business from Dr. Alan Quam nearly seven years ago. “We are busy keeping up with patient demand at our current office and realized our lack of patient rooms is preventing timely care for our patients.”

Currently, the office is located on Hawthorne Street, which Geyen said has been great, but he also noted that he is excited to bring his office and business to Third Avenue and that he hopes it helps to give that part of town a facelift.

The building he is in now was built in about 1980, he said, and does not allow for any type of expansion. In addition, it is in a more residential part of Alexandria, whereas the space on Third Avenue is more commercial.

About a year and a half ago, he hired another dentist – Dr. Jacob Aberle – because of patient demand and the two of them offer a full range of services ranging from common dentistry practices like fillings, dentures, crowns and dental care for kids. They also offer sedation dentistry, including dental implants, wisdom tooth extractions, oral surgery and root canals to name a few. And they do all their own orthodontic work.

“With our combination of services we offer, that is why we are so busy and need more space,” said Geyen. “We really like being able to take care of families all the way through all their family needs. Our practice philosophy is to take care of families from start to finish.”

The new building will face both Third Avenue and Second Avenue and patients will have a view of the lake when they are having services done, said Geyen.

This rendering shows what the new Woodland Dentistry building will look like. Its current location is on Hawthorne Street, but it will be moving to its new space at the corner of Third Avenue and Jefferson Street in 2023.
Image provided by Katie Botker of Infinite Design Consulting of Alexandria<br/><br/>
Image provided by Katie Botker of Infinite Design Consulting of Alexandria<br/><br/>

Geyen has been working with Katie Botker of Infinite Design Consulting for the design work of the building and the space. He said the new building will be two stories and will feature space on the second floor for another business.

“I am open to whatever the interest is, whether it is a single tenant or break the space into multiple,” said Geyen. “We’re creating space for our dental office and then creating space for another business.”

As it stands right now, site work on the property will begin in September with hopes that the new facility will be finished up in 2023.

Geyen said that although patient demand is what prompted the move, he also said that what he is trying to do within his team of 11, which includes himself, is to create the right culture and the right environment and that they do that best with the relationships they’ve built. But, he said that what they need for the right environment is the right space and a new facility can offer what they need to expand and grow.

Possible donation?

On the piece of property that Geyen purchased sits a home that he currently owns and rents out. He is working on the possibility of donating the house and is working out the details. Nothing has been set in stone yet, he said.

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