What You Should Know About the Safety of Chiropractic Care When Pregnant

Chiropractic care is the manual manipulation of the musculoskeletal structure to correct its alignment. The treatment is used to relieve pain in joints, muscles, connective tissue and bones. It is used if you have back pain, joint pain and tissue pain.

Pregnancy is associated with back pain, usually because of the shift in the center of gravity as the belly grows. As such, chiropractic care can come in handy in relieving the pain. However, you may be wondering, is it safe?

This is what you should know about the safety of chiropractic care when pregnant.

It Is Safe

Yes. It is safe to get chiropractic adjustments when pregnant. That’s because it only involves the manual manipulation of the spine without surgery or the use of drugs.

However, before you go for the treatment, you should consult a doctor to get the approval.

Avoid going for chiropractic care if you have an ectopic pregnancy; you have vaginal bleeding, placenta abruption, preeclampsia, cramping, or pelvic pain.

If you don’t have the above risk factors, you can visit the chiropractor at any stage of your pregnancy, not just after the first trimester.

The Chiropractors Are Trained

Licensed chiropractors are trained on how to provide chiropractic care in pregnancy. In fact, some specialize in the field.

Therefore, only make sure you seek the service from a licensed chiropractor, who is trained, qualified and experienced. One of the common certifications is Webster Certification. A chiropractor who has this is trained in pregnancy chiropractic. You can enquire if they are specialized in prenatal chiropractic.

The first thing a chiropractor does is to get your medical history, due date and the issues you want to be addressed, such as back pain.

He/she then conducts a physical assessment to check your mobility and identify misalignment areas. With your medical history and the results of your assessment, the chiropractor formulates your treatment that is safe for pregnancy.

At this stage, you can ask questions and ask for clarification. When all is clear, the chiropractor then starts the adjustment. This is done with your face down as you lie on a maternity cushion or a special table.  The adjustments are gentle and calculated to ensure your safety and that of the baby. They don’t use a lot of force, as in the case of regular chiropractic care.

Your Baby Is Safe

Are you worried about your lying position during the procedure? It is difficult and dangerous to lie on a chiropractic table when pregnant. The chiropractors have special adjusting tables or maternity cushions to accommodate your growing bump. Also, they use techniques that don’t exert pressure on the stomach.

Besides, you can be shown how to do stretches that will help ease discomfort and relieve tension.

Have Many Safety Benefits

Chiropractic care when pregnant has many benefits that ensure the safety of the mother and the baby.

As the belly grows during pregnancy, your posture adjusts and the center of gravity changes. This can cause back pain and discomfort. Visiting a chiropractor can help to make you feel better.  Realigning the spine and the joints lessen the pain and the discomfort.

When the chiropractic care is combined with supportive modalities including hot and cold therapy, stretching and acupuncture, it gives relief from pains, aches and muscle tension.

Since the adjustments also affect the nervous system, it brings with it other benefits such as less swelling, reduced nausea, more rest and fewer headaches.

Also, the safety of the baby is assured. For example, chiropractic care improves the alignment of the pelvis. This way, the baby has enough space when developing, and it can move normally. With enough space, the baby is unlikely to develop birth defects.

Also, a misaligned pelvis can hinder the proper delivery of the baby since it may not take the best position when being born. It may move into a posterior or breech position, which may lead to a complicated delivery.

When the pelvis is properly aligned, the baby’s head is down as it faces the rear, which makes it easier for a natural delivery.

Chiropractic care can help to align the pelvis so that you can have a safer and easier delivery.


Chiropractic care is safe during pregnancy.  You should only avoid it in case of an ectopic pregnancy, vaginal bleeding, placenta abruption or severe or moderate toxemia. Also, consult a doctor before you opt for the procedure to ensure it is safe for your baby and you. Your physician may know of a qualified chiropractor.

Chiropractic care can help to relieve back, joint or hip pain as well as help with pelvis alignment. All these can help to make your pregnancy and delivery safer and easier.

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