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Educators and industry experts Regina Glenn, Kevin Ballard and Darren Rauscher assemble for a panel discussion on pursuing the Master of Science in Health Informatics at Logan University. The trio brings real-world experience in health information, health informatics and systems administration to their roles as faculty members in this program. During the webinar, they will share tips and strategies on how to apply this degree to a current job or future career.

5:30 p.m. CST, Thursday, October 27, 2022

Kevin Ballard teaches System Analysis and Design, as well as Data Modeling, Mining, and Machine Learning within the MS in Health Informatics problem. Kevin graduated from the University of Missouri – Rolla with a BS in computer science. He went on to get his MS in computer science at Washington University and a Master’s of Health Informatics at St. Louis University. He currently works full-time at Mercy as the Director of System Administration where he has worked for the past seven years. He’s married with two grown daughters, and in his free time, he likes to run.

Regina Glenn

Having worked in health information and health informatics for over 25 years, Dr. Glenn has a wide variety of work experience. She was worked in a many different healthcare arenas and has interacted with all levels within a healthcare organizational structure.

Dr. Glenn has her Masters of Science in Professional Studies in Education awarded by Capella University following the development of a thesis on educational programs for Health Information and completed her Ph.D. in Professional Studies in Education from Capella University with a dissertation focus of identifying the criteria needed for the development of educational programs for the implementation of the new ICD-10-CM/PCS classification systems.

Dr. Glenn currently works as a consultant and an educator assisting in the development of health information and health informatics educational programs for a wide diversity of experience levels and topics. She enjoys working on research projects which combines the healthcare field with education.

Darren Rauscher

Darren Rauscher is originally from St. Charles, Missouri and has worked as an engineer, and manager of continuous improvement, since 2004 in the pharmaceutical industry. Darren has earned undergraduate degrees in the fields of chemistry and psychology, and has completed a Masters of Business Administration. Currently, Darren is enrolled within a doctorate program for higher education administration leadership, and is anticipating to graduate in December, 2022.

The majority of Darren’s career has been spent working with the remediation of noncompliant pharmaceutical companies, which has required the implementation of continuous improvement methodologies aimed at ensuring that manufacturing and packaging processes are compliant with federal regulations, while remaining efficient and effective. Having worked in the pharmaceutical industry for several years, Darren has a variety of work experiences including the development of data management programs, data analysis, implementation of continuous improvement initiatives, and the auditing and remediation of manufacturing systems.

Darren teaches health informatics classes, and enjoys the overall educational process of knowledge acquisition and transfer. In addition, Darren and his wife, Laura, have five children whom they love watching grow up, travel with, and share in the experience of exploring new places (especially Yellowstone…absolutely exquisite!!

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