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Running a business in the modern marketplace without a website is like operating without a storefront, and that’s as true for pediatric dentistry websites as it is for a local computer shop. Designing websites for pediatric dentistry can be a challenging endeavor, requiring a broad set of skills across multiple disciplines to accomplish. From making choices for the site’s color palette to designing a striking and memorable logo, there’s a lot to be decided before you even get started. The best pediatric dentistry websites combine beautiful design with functionality and security. For any business in the medical industry, it’s absolutely necessary that HIPAA security is integrated into its design.

Today’s patients are seeking features that meet their on-the-go lifestyles, such as click-to-dial and direct-to-map functionality that gets them in touch with your office with a single click. Mobile responsiveness is also key so the site can be easily viewed on desktops and mobile devices alike. Combine these elements with downloadable patient forms, online patient registration, and HIPAA secure contact points to schedule appointments without a phone call, and you’ve got a site that will meet expectations.

Below we’ve included a collection of websites that accomplish these goals while retaining their own unique character.

no doubt in a visitor’s mind that this is a clinic dedicated to
caring for the dental needs of children. The vibrant color scheme
combines with a slide-show of relaxed parents and smiling children to
show that this clinic understands the needs and concerns of its
patients. The abundant use of color continues to be seen in the
“Featured Services” section, where each button is a different
color and marked with a playful piece of line art. The logo for the
clinic takes this same approach to be memorable and relatable to its
clientele with a crayon scrawl font, smiling handprints, and a
colorful banner.


of use and convenience are things that appeal to parents trying to
fit caring for their children’s dental health into an already busy
day. Young Smiles shows an awareness of this by providing
direct-to-map links, a full suite of social media channels, and a
request an appointment button all immediately available in the
header. The About Us and Office Tour section begins building rapport
by introducing visitors to the staff while familiarizing them with
the office through the use of stunning photography. The footer
contains comprehensive information about doing business with the
office, including office hours, direct-to-map functionality,
click-to-dial, and direct-to-email links. The reviews page provides
insight into the experiences of their existing patients from multiple
platforms and provides an opportunity to leave one of your own.
Patients looking for information without picking up the phone can use
the HIPAA compliant form provided to Book an Appointment or ask

Area Pediatric Dentistry opens with a bright blue vista of children
playing in a green field overflowing with yellow flowers. This
uplifting vision of children also incorporates the color palette of
the clinic and its logo. The design of the logo is both recognizable
and memorable, while incorporating local elements to tie it to the
community. The light blue background used throughout the rest of the
site is calming and uplifting, showcasing the images of cheerful
children free of dental pain or concerns. Imagery is used sparingly
but effectively throughout the site, from the excellent picture of
the doctor on the Meet the Doctor button to the indicative imagery
used for the Education and Services button.

functionality is incorporated into the hero-image in an intuitive but
unobtrusive way, each of the clinic names serving as a hyperlink
directly to google maps directions to the site. The phone number
underneath the location names has click-to-dial functionality that
makes it simple for mobile users to reach out to the clinic or get
directions. The social media buttons for Facebook and Instagram make
connecting with their social media channels just as easy for desktop
users and mobile users alike. An
emphasis is placed on patient education at Lakes Area Pediatric
Dentistry due to their focus on children developing healthy habits,
but also as many of their patient families include new parents.
Insurance information is also clearly available to help ease the
worries of parents wondering if their children’s needs will be

imagery featuring families from ethnicities that comprise the primary
clientele of Puri Pediatric and the community it serves. The soft
tones used in its color palette creating a soothing appearance, with
blue evoking a sense of calm tranquility, and beige bringing a
neutral warmth to the site. These colors are used throughout the
site, appearing in the design of the service buttons that rollover
from a white and blue image to a motivating orange prompting visitors
to learn more. Imagery is generously used throughout in combination
with text to draw the eye and convey information in an attractive

Puri Pediatric immediately starts meeting the needs of its busy patient base by providing its phone number in the header alongside its three social media channels. Patient forms are included in a downloadable format to make it easy for parents of patients to prepare for their visit to the clinic. A bright blue “Schedule An Appointment” button adds to this sense of convenience. The accessibility tab prominently featuring the handicap logo makes the site accessible to a broad range of patients. A scrolling selection of testimonials aids new visitors in researching the clinic and determining what type of experience they can expect during the visit. In the footer of the page can be found a direct-to-map function, as well as click-to-dial integration and a HIPAA compliant form for reaching out to the clinic for an appointment.

website design combines with striking colors to create an experience
that’s useful for parents and a joy for younger children to see.
The aquatic motif of the website can help alleviate the worries and
concerns of young children, and images of the clinic make it seem
like a fun place for them to be. The buttons throughout the site
integrate bright colors along with whimsical icons to keep the tone
consistent and give children positive feelings about their dental
visit. The aquatic theme carries through to the rest of the site as
well, including the About Us page where members of the staff are
introduced along with additional images of the clinic itself. The
logo of the site uses this same motif, combining dental themes with
fish and bright primary colors for an unmistakable icon.

Dentistry And Orthodontics website incorporate an immense amount of
functionality into its whimsical website design. It starts with three
links to the social channels used by the clinic, but also includes
click-to-dial and direct-to-map functionality in the active hero
image. The imagery throughout the site does more than just make it a
visually fun experience, it also serves to help get children excited
about their visit to the dentist. Busy parents will appreciate the
HIPAA secure form that lets them reach out to the clinic for an

Kids Dentistry uses a combination of color and texture to create a
website that is visually down to earth in blue and orange. It’s not a
common color combination but properly used it can create a striking
website that’s easy to read and navigate. The logo for Frontier
Kids Dentistry is a brightly colored multilayered tooth combined with
blue and purple text, a clearly eye-catching image sure to stand out
on any correspondence. Blue and orange take turns throughout the site
as background for text and action colors. A stunning example of
orange and blue working together to draw the eye can be seen in the
service navigation buttons, where blue buttons are marked with orange


Kids Dentistry doesn’t shirk on functionality, starting the page
with a striking “Make an Appointment” button in white on blue,
and two social channel links with white on orange design. The site is
also perfectly designed with mobile-responsive design to adapt to
varying screen sizes. In addition to the comprehensive menu, four
immediate areas of interest to visitors are made easily reachable,
including click-to-dial calling, emergency services information, and
a list of the accepted insurances. Also included in the site’s design
are downloadable patient forms and referral forms for dentists and

Playfulness is central to the impression given when landing on the South Bay Kids Dentistry website, as is evident from the choice of image. The icon for the clinic incorporates the site’s blue, orange, and white palette to create a striking logo that will stand out on correspondence. Smiling faces and playful imagery, such as paper planes, can be found to keep the content relative to their clientele. The appointment request, contact us, and direct-to-map functions are all ensconced in a shell of bright and cheerful color to make them easy to find.


skies, happy animals, and billowing clouds are the central elements
of Zoo Dental’s website design, with beige, green, and blue being
the basis of its color palette. The use of engaging colors and
kid-friendly imagery makes it clear this site is intended to ease the
worries of parents and children alike. Orange and blue take center
stage as action colors and attention grabbers for headlines and
buttons alike. This style of artwork and whimsy is found throughout
all portions of the site, from the About Us page to the Tooth Fairy
Club that encourages children to learn good oral health care habits.
Images of the staff and clinic indicate that this same form of
imagery can be found at their various locations, showing them to be a
kid-friendly environment.


Every site listed above strives to accomplish the same goal, to meet their patient’s needs and make their relationship with your clinic easier and more convenient. Everyone manages to do so while presenting a website that stands out from the rest with a unique appearance that demonstrates the personality of the clinic. If you’re looking at building your own website or hiring a team of professionals to do it, all of these have something to bring you on that road.

As you’re exploring other pediatric dentistry websites looking for inspiration for your own, be sure to keep a list of all the things you like, and don’t like, about those you’ve discovered. When it finally comes time to start putting your site together, this list will prove invaluable in tailoring it to your specific needs. Hiring a team of professionals is usually the best choice if you’re not having it built internally. Even hiring one for a consultation can get you a long way on the right track to a beautifully built and functional website.

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