Things to Know Before Your First Chiropractic Visit

Chiropractic care involves diagnosing and treating neuromuscular disorders. It is a natural treatment approach that involves manual adjustment and manipulation of the spine, and has several amazing benefits. The health care professional that does this form of treatment is called a chiropractor. A chiropractor may commence this treatment during a patient’s first visit or may schedule for an appointed day.

A chiropractor analyzes every patient to create a set of goals to be obtained during the process. Examples of short-term goals are pain reduction, muscle balance, and restoration of the normal functioning of the joint. On the other hand, long-term goals include re-establishment of functional independence and restoration of ability to withstand the pressure due to daily activities. After setting the patient-specific goals, a chiropractor decides the appropriate treatment plan and determines the number of required visits.

How Long Does Chiropractic Treatment Last?

One to two weekly visits may be recommended if you have lower back pain. The process may last anywhere between two and four weeks. After the set time is over, the chiropractor performs a re-assessment to find out if the treatment was effective. The primary objective of chiropractic care is to relieve various types of pain. At times, it may be necessary that a patient joins a maintenance program for continued exercises and additional manipulations of the spine. 

Available Treatment Options

Advanced spine joint and other health centers that provide chiropractic services have a variety of methods to use when treating patients. The first approach is spinal manipulation. Here, the chiropractor uses hands to adjust the spine. High velocity and low amplitude is required for its effectiveness. The second treatment option is spinal mobilization. It requires a more gentle spinal joint manipulation. Still, the joints should receive a complete range of motion. Thirdly, chiropractic care may involve stretching exercises aimed at enhancing muscle strength, coordination, and balance.

There are other instances where all a patient needs is proper education. The knowledge shared by the chiropractor should enable the patient to reduce anxiety through appropriate posture and improved motor control. At times, nerve stimulation is used. An alternative such as transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulator or TENS helps to transmit pulses of low-voltage to sections with pain so that sensations are altered and the patient gets relief. Cervical traction is also a treatment alternative. This helps to temporarily relieve the pain felt on the shoulder, arm and neck through lifting of the head to minimize pressure placed on nerve roots and spinal discs. There are many other chiropractor adjustment approaches.

Adjustments Before and After Chiropractic Care

Patients should consider ways of making their bodies ready for chiropractic services even before the first visit to the chiropractor. In this regard, some of the best practices include taking light meals and snacks rich in protein, maintaining hydration through intake of plenty of water, engaging in exercises that improve motion, understanding the pain well enough to explain it to the chiropractor, and staying relaxed or calm.

It is also necessary to ensure that the great results obtained from chiropractic care are maintained. Proper support is required to ensure that patients do not neglect the recent adjustments or return to poor habits. A chiropractor should give the patient some takeaway points to enable them to remember the key points regarding the beneficial practices such as exercise and nutrition.


Whenever you think of chiropractic treatment, you should ask yourself how you plan to achieve the best out of the process. Although your chiropractor sets the goals, you have a vital role in ensuring attainment of the objectives and maintenance of the impressive outcomes. Ensure that you prepare yourself properly before the treatment begins, cooperate with your chiropractor during the process, and that you utilize takeaway points to continue the great adjustments in the longer term.

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