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What are the keys to profitability in implant dentistry? Today, many general practice dentists are placing their own implants along with specialists. Why? Offering dental implants provides better solutions for your patients, increases revenue and most likely rejuvenates the practice with new and exciting procedures that also drive more referrals.

First Key: Efficiency

When you first start placing implants, it is important to be educated on recognizing implant treatment opportunities, case acceptance, required pre-operative work to create a treatment plan and finally selecting the nuts and bolts or in this case the implants and restorative components.

As clinicians try to do their best for their patients, implant company selection may be made because of comfort level of the system their peers or referred specialist uses, brand recognition, service of the implant sales representative. All good reasons, especially the service of the implant rep. Most implant reps are very knowledgeable and helpful when you first start placing implants. They train the staff, attend the surgeries and likely averted a component trying to be used upside down. But you are in a different place today. You are not stressed every time you have an implant case, your knowledge has expanded and you’re more confident in more complex cases. You have gone from five implants per year to five implants per month to five implant per week. Your implant coordinator and clinical team run efficiently. Your main supplier is Patterson.

The Patterson team built your office, coordinated getting your CBCT set up, makes sure you have not over ordered and will not run out of products and makes sure you get the best deal. Your Patterson rep can also see that your implant inventory runs as efficiently as the rest of the practice inventory. What implant system does Patterson sell? The Reflect line from ids integrated dental systems, a Biotech Dental Company.

Second Key: Keeping Costs down

Earlier it was mentioned that implant company selection is made from a variety of reasons. Now that you are more experienced, is the brand name as important as the function? It started with implant restorative components when the ‘big brand’ companies are slow to release new technologies and more innovative companies reverse-engineered restorative components to mate with the ‘big brands’ and get their product to market.

ids, a Biotech Dental Company believes in offering quality products at affordable prices. This is achieved by leveraging proven technologies. The Reflect Implant line reverse-engineered some of the most popular implant brands in implant fixtures, surgical kits and restorative components to bring the quality engineering of the ‘big brands’ to you at fair prices. All ids, products are FDA 510k cleared as surgically and restoratively compatible with the reflecting systems including Nobel Active, Nobel Replace Select, Biomet 3i Certain, Zimmer Tapered Screw-Vent and Astratech Osseospeed TX. Clinicians can use their existing matching brand surgical kits and mix and match restorative components. All brands of Reflect Implants retail at $150 with promotions available. The other brands can retail between $275 and $500. Let’s assume an average of $350. The chart below shows the savings with Reflect Implants only. Consider all the savings with restorative components, too!

Implant per yearReflect $150Big Brand $350Annual Savings with Reflect

Patterson stocks and sells all Reflect Implants and componentry. Clinicians may order through their local Patterson territory manager. ids also maintains a nationwide network of dental implant technical specialists to support the Patterson team and their customers. If you are using one of the ‘Big Brands’, you owe it to your practice and patients to try Reflect. Ask your Patterson rep about it today.

For bone grafting, consider GUIDOR easy-graft CLASSIC. Soft from the syringe. Hard in the defect.

GUIDOR easy-graft is a patented bone grafting solution offering a fully resorbable, synthetic bone graft substitute to clinicians who seek stability, osteoconductivity and control of placement. GUIDOR easy-graft CLASSIC is phase-pure β tricalcium phosphate (β-TCP) granules coated with poly(lactide-co-glycolide) (PLGA) that are mixed with N-methyl-2-pyrrolidone (NMP) liquid activator called BioLinker to form a permeable, moldable material which hardens to form a stable, porous scaffold for bone regeneration. The bone graft substitute is fully resorbed within 5-15 months and no foreign material remains in the body.

easy-graft CLASSIC — completely resorbable, more space for new bone. Designed to make bone grafting easy.

GUIDOR easy-graft CLASSIC is a complete system that helps clinicians provide predictable results.  Dentists surveyed said they use easy-graft CLASSIC because the preparation and mixing are simple. The syringe makes delivery of the bone graft easy and because the bone graft hardens into a stable, porous scaffold in approximately one-minute, this makes membrane use up to the clinician.

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