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Pediatric Dentistry is constantly searching for new and creative ways to promote
oral health education while becoming immersed in the community. Creating an
ongoing dialogue that promotes oral health education, as well as an early
introduction to music, may seem an unusual link. Still, it was a natural
connection for Dr. Sawyer, who is not one to shy away from doing things
differently. Dr. Sawyer’s relationship with music began at the age of five when
he began playing the piano and later took an interest in the upright bass and
the trumpet. Dr. Sawyer’s musical background and passion for the health of the
Bellingham community is a driving force in BPD’s sponsorship of the Bellingham
Symphony Orchestra.

“As someone very active in the community, I like to support things that are important to my family and those around me. I believe an early introduction to music is important to young children,” said Dr. Sawyer. “My musical background has given me an appreciation for an art that not everyone has access to. Music itself is highly accessible, but symphony music and orchestral music often have access barriers; I want to break down those barriers and help make it more approachable for all people, starting with young people.”

Dr. Sawyer’s belief is that an early introduction to music is essential and extends beyond his relationship with music; it is also about the idea that art itself is prudent to the health of one’s community. Creating an accessible art scene in Bellingham for young children, Dr. Sawyer believes, is crucial to the community’s well-being. “Music, especially when you are playing with others, is a collaborative interaction. It teaches you not only how to work with others, but it also teaches you the value of listening. It has taught me as a healthcare provider to be an empath. It has helped me listen to and value the needs of the community,” says Dr. Sawyer. Dr. Sawyer’s commitment to Bellingham aims to find ways that best serve the community’s long-term well-being, both physically and socially.

the Bellingham Symphony Orchestra’s Saturday’s with the Symphony event at the
FIG, Bellingham Pediatric Dentistry will host a pop-up exhibit that creates an
immersive experience to promote oral health education. The pop-up exhibit will
feature hands-on displays that help engage young minds to think about their own
oral health. Dr. Sawyer and BPD staff will be present during the exhibit so
that kids and families can ask all questions regarding a child’s dental
experience. Bellingham Pediatric Dentistry is committed to performing dentistry
of the highest quality and developing lasting relationships that teach the
importance of oral health.

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