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We have built nearly 2500 websites for dentists, physicians, podiatrists, optometrists and chiropractors and there’s one very common element that all these healthcare websites share – it’s the need to effectively communicate the value of that practice in a very short period of time.

Potential patients expect to see items on your chiropractic website as they have come to expect, not necessarily how you had planned on presenting it to them. What they care about is establishing a level of trust with you and if you already have this trust with other patients that they can relate to. At best, we have about 20 seconds to present your chiropractic practice to a prospective new patient, the following are a few things we can do to take the pain out of visiting your website.

We’re not building online brochures (websites used to be re-purposed collateral pieces like brochures pasted online), but active, engaging, customer capturing sales tools. Sure, your chiropractor website needs to have deep, rich content, but it also needs to ‘convert’ those looking at it to connect with you, pick up the phone, fill out the form, schedule the appointment. With every image and paragraph shown we should be expecting the visitor to take immediate action.

Let’s not waste any time loading a webpage

The time it takes for your web pages to load is now a critical element in keeping the visitor on your website long enough to engage them. Since we only have 15-20 seconds of their attention we cannot waste any precious time waiting for pages to load.

Google expects that your website will load in three seconds or less. If it gets hung up loading images or connecting to plugins and other third-party applications your search engine rankings will suffer and as a result, Google won’t send interested traffic your way. Contact your website development company or web hosting company and they can run tests and determine your desktop and mobile page load times. Better yet, contact Optimized360 and we can run all detailed reporting and return with solid recommendations.

If you’re interested in running a few tests yourself, try this handy online utility to check the page load speed of your website.

Make it mobile-friendly and ‘mobile-first’

The importance of having a website that looks and performs fabulously across all mobile platforms cannot be overstated. We have posted countless articles pleading with independent medical professionals to update their websites to support mobile.

Think about who your next new patient is, and how they’re going to find you. The likelihood is that they will use a mobile device (phone or tablet) to originally search, then research, and then connect with you.

Google just revamped their method of indexing across the entire internet and is making ‘mobile-first’ the priority in who gets ranked highest.

Your patients expect that you’ve taken the time to layout your mobile website with their browsing habits in mind. They expect to easily find staff bios, patient reviews, office hours and a single push to call option. You owe it to them – let’s give them what they want.

Don’t be afraid to use video

The use of video on your chiropractic website can work to valuable trust between your web visitors and your office. Videos make effective marketing tools that bridge the gap between conversions and sales. It provides visitors with interesting and useful information that makes them want to come back to your website and practice. By using videos on your website you certainly increase the time the users spend reviewing your information. These attributes tell search engines such as Google that your site has good content. This can lead to better rankings on search results.

Videos can range from highly-produced office walk-throughs, to patient testimonials, to Q&A with the Doctor. Think about how you can pre-educate and prepare your patients with information you or your staff repeat everyday regarding symptoms, procedures, treatments and physical therapy. Having well crafted videos posted on your website can free up a great deal of time, while establishing trust and appreciation with the patient. Look below, we use videos on our website too!

Need more inspiration? Check out these top performing chiropractic websites and you’ll find most of these above tips. These work, and Optimized360 is ready to help take the pain out of your website.

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