How do CEREC Tessera blocks optimize single-visit dentistry?

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Dental workflows are becoming more and more efficient due to advances in technology and materials. Dental professionals have more time than ever before, and patients are in and out quickly with beautiful restorations. As a result, single-visit dentistry is becoming the standard of care, and new products, materials and technologies are evaluated by how they improve workflow efficiency.

The most recent advance is CEREC Tessera blocks (advanced lithium disilicate), a glass ceramic material designed for strength and speed with a unique crystal structure, lithium disilicate plus virgilite. When fired, CEREC Tessera block crystals form a high-density matrix similar to steel-reinforced concrete: lithium disilicate provides compression strength and virgilite increases pre-compression stress, restricting crack propagation.

The performance of CEREC Tessera blocks has been measured using standardized in-vitro tests. Material performance was evaluated in full-contour single-unit restorations, including crowns, inlays, onlays, and veneers. In tests, CEREC Tessera blocks demonstrated >700 MPa.

Due to the material strength of CEREC Tessera blocks, preparation requires as little as a 1.00 mm reduction, helping conserve the patient’s tooth structure and allowing for faster, simpler and more conservative preparations.

But strength is only half the story: single-visit dentistry is also about efficiency.

When paired with the CEREC SpeedFire, CEREC Tessera blocks can be fired in as little as 4 minutes 30 seconds—with no detriment to material strength or durability. This accelerated firing time can help to speed up the restoration workflow.

CEREC Tessera blocks have a natural opalescence, lifelike fluorescence and high translucence. Radiopacity of the material is also excellent, important for diagnosing secondary caries, determining the proximal contour of the restoration and its contacts with adjacent teeth, and distinguishing restorative material from gaps and voids. CEREC Tessera blocks are a fully crystallized tooth-colored material that does not undergo a crystal phase change when fired. What you see is what you get.

In summary, CEREC Tessera blocks are a high-performance ceramic material designed to advance single-visit dentistry. The blocks have a unique crystal structure, lithium disilicate plus virgilite, for increased strength (>700 MPa) and faster firing (4 minutes 30 seconds). CEREC Tessera blocks are the most recent innovation from CEREC. Every CEREC product, material, and technology, from CEREC Primescan to CEREC SpeedFire, is designed to work together to increase the efficiency of a restoration workflow and produce beautiful results for patients. For more information, click here.

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