Horoscopes for Adar II: Celestial chiropractic adjustments

Adar II 5782

March 3–April 1, 2022

Celestial and calendrical chiropractic adjustments to the Cycle of Sacred Time that is the Jewish Year begin March 3 with a bang in the heavens echoed on earth. Rosh Chodesh Adar II (Adar Bet) features a triple conjunction of Venus/Noga, Mars/Ma’adim, and Pluto at 27 Capricorn, the location of the USA’s natal Pluto as America experiences her first-ever Pluto Return.

If “it’s the economy, stupid” for the United States, even more so for the rest of the world.

Is this “good for the Jews”?

Most assuredly not, as economic upheavals are inevitably accompanied by waves of antisemitism, God forbid. Venus and Mars meet again March 6 at zero degrees Aquarius, the same point as the “Great Conjunction” of Jupiter/Tzedek and Saturn/Shabbatai in December 2020.

This is an up close and personalized experience of the epoch-shift we’re collectively experiencing. What part do you play as an individual in this universal sea-change?

The Full Virgo moon on Purim/Shushan Purim with Mercury/Kochav sextile Uranus/Oron, the sun sextile Pluto and Venus sextile Chiron invokes Mordechai’s words to Esther: “And who knows whether you have not attained royalty for such a time as this?” The courage to stand up for what is right, despite the potential risk, is our spiritual heritage.

Tekufah Nisan, the spring equinox and solar Aries, comes March 20, though Rosh Chodesh Nisan isn’t until April 2. The Aries sun heats up the Piscean waters March 21-23, with Mars sextiling Chiron and squaring Uranus, and Mercury conjuncts Jupiter and Neptune. Formerly trusted individuals and institutions are no longer capable of sober assessment or undistorted perception. Crumbling confidence in external structures creates a vacuum only internal strength can fill. Now is the time to build yourself up from the inside out.

Aries / Taleh

Rosh Chodesh Adar Bet kicks off with explosive intensity March 3 with the moon in Aries and your planetary ruler Mars/Ma’adim conjuncts both Venus/Noga and Pluto in Capricorn. Push may come to shove, especially with tensions between your career and your private passions at an all-time high before Mars and Venus enter Aquarius March 6. Though the sun’s entrance into Aries March 20/Tekufah Nisan brings some relief, the square of Mars to Uranus/Oron March 22 reveals a conflict of interest between your personal values and communal creeds. Be true to yourself first.

Taurus / Shor

Planetary ruler Venus/Noga conjuncts both Mars/Ma’adim and Pluto in Capricorn on Rosh Chodesh Adar Bet, March 3. This triggers a powerful spiritual/philosophical broadening of your perceptions, which open even wider when both Venus and Mars enter Aquarius March 6. You’re expanding the boundaries of your knowledge, perhaps by pursuing usual educational paths or a healing/therapeutic modality when Venus sextiles Chiron and squares Uranus/Oron in Taurus March 18-19. Venus conjuncts Saturn/Shabbatai on March 28, bringing public attention to your accomplishments. You build practically and beautifully by aligning idealism with pragmatism.

Gemini / T’omim

Planetary ruler Mercury/Kochav conjuncts Saturn/Shabbatai March 2. Your powers of concentration focus on projects of the heart. Mercury enters Pisces March 9, followed by the first-quarter moon in Gemini March 10. You are rejecting the habit of fragmentation as you recognize a yearning to integrate all aspects of yourself into a healthy wholeness. To this end, the sextile of Mercury to Uranus/Oron on Purim (March 17) unmasks your true desires. You’ll surprise even yourself! Mercury conjuncts Jupiter/Tzedek and Neptune/Rahav March 21-13. No better time to articulate your dreams.

Cancer / Sartan

Spiritual stimulation and a renewing of a higher consciousness at the new moon in Pisces March 2 is a wonderful relief from the pressures and troubles of everyday life. You deserve the uplift! First-quarter moon in Gemini March 10 offers insight into ancestral patterns. Does your trauma belong to you or to your predecessors? The full Virgo moon March 18 (Shushan Purim) throws the spotlight on the way you communicate with others — and remember the brighter the light, the bigger the shadow. Last-quarter moon in Capricorn March 25 highlights pragmatic partnerships with security-minded outcomes. Integrity engenders trust.

Leo / Aryeh

Your planetary ruler the sun transiting through Pisces gifts you with a most beneficent aspect at the solar conjunction to Jupiter/Tzedek on March 5. Your already warm heart is enlarged with compassion and empathy for others, especially when the sun conjuncts Neptune/Rahav March 13. The sun sextile Pluto at the full moon in Virgo on March 18 (Shushan Purim), empowering your already compelling charisma and kicking it up a significant notch. The sun enters Aries on March 20, the spring equinox, Tekufah Nisan. Though Rosh Chodesh Nisan isn’t until April 2, you already have spring fever.

Virgo / Betulah

Demonstrate your maturity and professionalism when planetary ruler Mercury/Kohav conjuncts Saturn/Shabbatai March 2.  Mercury enters Pisces March 9, inspiring intimate communication with a significant other. Things get weird and weirder when Mercury sextiles Uranus/Oron on Purim, followed by the full moon in Virgo on Shushan Purim (March 18). Mercury conjuncts Jupiter and Neptune in Pisces March 21-23, giving you a double dose of cosmic inspiration and reminding you of important dreams you thought you’d left behind. It’s never too late — be assertive March 24 when Mercury enters bold Aries. Be your own cheerleader!

Libra / Moznayim

Planetary ruler Venus/Noga conjuncts Mars/Ma’adim and Pluto in Capricorn on Rosh Chodesh Adar Bet, March 3. External societal changes affect you personally now, especially in the realm of home and family. Venus and Mars enter Aquarius March 6, ushering in a new level of how you relate to romantic intimacy. You’ll no longer compromise for the sake of harmony without compensatory concessions and unsolicited shouldering of responsibility from a partner. You’ve got no time for time-wasters when Venus conjuncts Saturn/Shabbatai March 28. Your attention is your greatest resource. Don’t squander it on the undeserving.

Scorpio / Akrav

Powerful passions rule March 3 when classical planetary ruler Mars/Ma’adim conjuncts modern planetary ruler Pluto, along with Venus/Noga, on Rosh Chodesh Adar Bet. This triple conjunction stirs you to share your deepest longings. Mars and Venus enter Aquarius March 6, increasing feelings of humanitarianism and expanding your definition of family outside the realm of blood relatives. The sun sextiles Pluto March 18 (Shushan Purim) with the full moon in Virgo. Your mask is more than festival finery; take a risk by sharing your real self when Mars sextiles Chiron March 21. Trust is an exercise.

Sagittarius / Keshet

Your planetary ruler Jupiter/Tzedek in Pisces — with Neptune/Rahav in Pisces, as well — puts an enormous amount of idealism about issues of home and family on your plate, and not all these issues are discernibly realistic. You do feel powerful when the sun conjuncts Jupiter March 5, expansive enough to face any possibility. With the ingress of both Venus/Noga and Mars/Ma’adim into Aquarius March 6, your communication skills are focused on facilitating the greatest good for the collective consciousness. Beware of making fantastical exaggerations when Mercury/Kochav conjuncts Jupiter March 21.

Capricorn / Gidi

Mercury/Kohav conjuncts planetary ruler Saturn/Shabbatai in Aquarius March 2 at the Pisces new moon. Precise perception and sober realism around money and resources now make you less vulnerable than most during uncertain economic times. The three-way conjunction of Venus/Noga, Mars/Ma’adim and Pluto in Capricorn on March 3 (Rosh Chodesh Adar Bet) may bring a windfall you’ll see as soon as the last-quarter moon in Capricorn March 25. Wise investments in harmony with your personal aesthetics boost security when Venus conjuncts Saturn March 28. Be generous with your advice and counsel.

Aquarius / D’li

Mercury/Kochav conjuncts classical planetary ruler Saturn/Shabbatai in Aquarius and the sun sextiles modern planetary ruler Uranus/Oron March 2 at new moon in Pisces. That’s a double celestial reminder to get serious about money. Resources are what allows you to pursue your higher calling. This becomes relevant and personal when Mars/Ma’adim and Venus/Noga enter Aquarius March 6. Everything could turn around on Purim (March 17) when Mercury sextiles Uranus; and turn around again when Venus and Mars square Uranus March 19-22! Everything’s in flux; nothing is settled. Surf the uncertainty with grace.

Pisces / Dagim

It’s a dreamy, delicious month for you, beginning with the new moon in Pisces March 2. Double Adars only come seven out of every 19 years! Mercury/Kochav enters Pisces March 9 — a good opportunity to share your vision with decision-makers. The sun conjuncts classical ruler Jupiter/Tzedek March 5 and modern ruler Neptune/Rahav March 13, granting you grace and favor in the eyes of all whose help you seek. Mercury conjuncts Neptune March 23; don’t brag or bite off more than you can chew. Avoid public declarations which should be kept private. Be discreet.

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