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Caption: Good dental health begins with the diet of both parents. The Samoan boy on the left was born to parents who ate nutrient-rich native foods. The Samoan boy on the right was born to parents who had abandoned their traditional diet. He has crowded dental arches and will be more susceptible to dental decay and chronic illness.

I am looking for information on the how, what, and why of holistic dental health. I always had healthy teeth as a child, but now as an adult, after having 4 children my teeth are not doing well. A recent trip to the dentist left me with a long list of procedures they want me to do, the word Periodontal disease mentioned, (though no gingivitis, they said slight bone loss hens receding gums), places they want to fill on many teeth though not all cavities some types of surface loss that they want to fill…
I left feeling surprised, confused, and disbelief, and sure I can do better! Even by my next appointment!
Am I right? Can changes be made to improve these things before they become big problems? Can I reverse these things strictly with diet? How long does that take? How strict does the diet have to be?
Is there an app for this? Lol? (Only partially kidding. Does WAP have a diet app?)

Thanks for any help!!

My 8 year old son needs a root canal on one of his molars and the dentist wants to put in a silver crown. Would it be ok if I had them extract the tooth instead since he will be getting in another set of molars and wisdom teeth? I just need some guidance. I am worried about putting any silver in his mouth.

Thank you!

My twin boys needed “baby root canals” when they were about 5 years old. (Some teeth had started to turn black.) I said, “No way!” A baby root canal!?! The teeth will fall out eventually anyway. And why put them through all that pain.
Started looking for a way to heal their teeth and came across the book, “Cure Tooth Decay.” (Which follows Dr. Weston Price’s procedure.)
Bought Fermented Cod Liver oil and High Vitamin Butter oil mix and started giving it to them 2 times per day. Their teeth didn’t get any worse and I even saw some start to get better. (Black glossed over and while still a little discoloured, became shining and hard again. )
The dentist tried to scare me that the roots would decay and could harm the adult teeth coming in. That was a bunch of hogwash. When thier baby teeth started to fall out, the roots were as white as could be and NO signs of decay. Their new teeth are perfect too.
The fermented codliver oil and butter oil mix saved my kids teeth.
That’s all you need.

Plus, one son had a little pain in one tooth and within 1 day of starting the mix the pain was gone.

Please get a second opinion from a biological dentist. This web site has a list of them by state. I worked with Dr. Mike Margolis in Mesa Arizona. My health has been declining for the past 30 years. Dr. Margolis cleaned out my mouth. I had 4 cavitations were my wisdom teeth had been for starters. He removed two root canals as well. I have my life back again. All my health problems disappeared!!!!

I am writing a book about my experiences.

Please–don’t create a handicap for your son that isn’t necessary. Conventional dentistry creates problems over time.Well being is our birthright.

If we do decide to have the treatment… Which of the following options do you think would be less toxic?

1. 4-5 visits with Nitrous to sedate for each treatment?
2. 1 visit with general anesthesia to treat all affected teeth?

Am 45 years old and have 3 wisdom teeth left. They are sideways (I saw the X-ray).

The dentist tells me to take them out because there is some infection around them.

The issue: there is a conflict of interest! Any dentist would say to pull them since they do not gain to tell me to do nothing.

Any recommendation where one can get an un-biased opinion about pulling or not wisdom teeth?

i went to a biological dentist yesterday..travelled an hour and a half…she was quite nice until i told her i was having my implants done in costa rica…as i am moving there…do not have the funds to afford them here in canada.
She actually stuck an instrument in my infected back molar and then told me oh you are nervous…i said no that really hurt..she tried to pawn me off on another dentist..told me my dental issues were complex..looks like i have researched someone good in costa rica..
I was so disappointed..She asked me if i had ever done EFT…I said yes..she said maybe we will do a round..
When she came back in i asked if there was anything positive about my teeth…lol..
The only one who was negative and needed the EFT was her…

I live in Canada…implants are crazy…the thing with that it hasnt been round long cannot treat people like cattle…everyone is different..some may not have problems with titanium.
All i know is that dentistry is big business..and if you are able to find someone who really wants to help..i think that is rare..
I found calcium therapy online…i may buy the products..i do have the dental products from Nadine Artermis site..which is Living Liabations..check her out ..she is terrific…

I have the same question! I refused sealants for my daughter’s molars a couple years ago. I asked what they were made of, and the dentist told me it was a type of plastic. I said we had been working hard to reduce plastics in our lives, and she seemed really surprised. She apparently thought plastics were a plus in most patients’ eyes — I guess in the vein of, ‘at least it’s not mercury!’

I’ve been wanting to speak to a biological dentist about possible alternatives, or whether they’re really necessary in the first place…. So if anyone has any information, it would be most appreciated!

I have a tooth that has been worked on twice (fillings), plus getting it checked on tomorrow. It’s caused me pain each time, which is what sent me to the dentist.
They said the cavity is very close to the nerve, which is what may be causing nerve pain. Throbbing nerve pain!!
In that case, would they remove the tooth?
Is there a better option?
What if I just dealt with the pain and never got the tooth removed?
I follow a nourishing diet, but am stuck when it comes to solving this issue.

Thanks in advance!!

I have 3 broken teeth right now. None of them hurt. The dentist says the teeth are breaking because my fillings are too big and too old. He says I need root canals in all 3. I had one root canal started 6 weeks ago but the dentist couldn’t finish because one of the roots had calcified. So he put something in it to break it up so he could finish the root canal. Next week (7 weeks since the initial root canal) it is supposed to be finished up. I’m just learning about root canals and the potential is not a good thing. So my questions are…

– Is what he is saying about my tooth root calcifying true and is waiting 7 weeks after the initial root canal appropriate?
– Can I decide not to finish the root canal or do I need to finish it? Will there be consequences to my tooth if I don’t?
– Do I have to have the root canals or can I just have the broken teeth capped and move along?

The dentist says I have to have the root canals first and won’t even consider capping them without it. (This dentist is the one my insurance says I need to see, not necessarily my choice) I know I’m just another patient and he doesn’t have my best interests in mind so I really don’t feel like I can trust what he says but I don’t have any other resource or “dentist” to talk to to find out the truth or correct way these things are done. (caps and root canals) Any help or direction would be so much appreciated.

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