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Few go into the healthcare field because of their love for technology, but the two domains have more in common than you might imagine. Both types of professionals want their service recipients to have the best outcomes and most excellent quality of functionality possible. Just as healthcare professionals are driven to help their patients learn about health conditions, quality technology companies find significance in in-depth training and continuing education.

In the software industry and others, the generally accepted rule of thumb is that 80% will use just 20% of any given software’s features. Most features will be used infrequently. Frequently, that is simply because the user hasn’t had the opportunity to discover how that feature might work within their specific workflow. Think of all the sunk costs in unused capabilities in a continually evolving software product. We certainly don’t suspect that you’ve read our entire catalog of technical documentation, tutorials, or user manuals. Even when aware of certain features’ functionality, applying it to your work’s specific context takes a cognitive leap challenging to make in the modern busy healthcare practice environment. Training is often the right tool to bridge that gap. Training unlocks capabilities that make your job easier. 

Maximize your Return on Investment

If you’re not using your software’s essential features, you will not get the best return on investment you made in your software. A light finetuning of your approach through professional training will help you enhance your productivity and your practice’s operational performance.

As technology and your software constantly evolve, training can help you stay ahead of the curve and understand how to utilize new features in your practice context. When your office is better informed and trained on their tools’ abilities, they are better outfitted for performance and generally happier in their work. Reducing staff stress decreases turnover and burnout, not to mention the costs of hiring a new employee. Training also boosts your operational efficiency and, thus, your practice’s bottom line.

At MacPractice, we have a dedicated training department with custom, expert training and education designed to help your office develop the best workflow possible and get the most desirable investment return on the MacPractice software. Whether you are onboarding a new employee, haven’t yet had a chance to dive into new features, or work more efficiently as a team, we can create a curriculum. We also have training options to fit your office’s unique needs, including virtual phone training options so you can get started right away. Contact us at today to see what we can do for you. 

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