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In 2021, there have been many changes in the healthcare industry, particularly with the technologies on which practices depend. As practices adapt to huge developments and challenges in healthcare, they are also adopting new technology to streamline their workflows. Unfortunately, many doctors and practice managers are learning that embracing technology and adapting to it isn’t necessarily a synchronized experience within their practice. 

At MacPractice, we believe finding the right fit and investing in companies that genuinely partner with our clients is the way forward. Our partners are developing strategies to support in areas critical to small to mid-sized practices—security, productivity, and experience.


Security is a top priority for clinicians and staff who need to work remotely or across multiple locations. Managing security comes with new challenges and critical weaknesses this way. Practices are revisiting their HIPAA procedures, retraining staff on best practices, and implementing new security protocols for machines that will connect to their database remotely.

The security of patients and practices has always been a top priority for MacPractice. We use industry-standard AES data encryption and integrate secure messaging to protect your patient’s information (ePHI) and communications. Since our founding, best practices in security and security safeguards beyond HIPAA compliance have been built right into our software. 


Technology in your practice should make challenging jobs more manageable, improve the patient experience, cut costs, and enhance productivity. The main goal is to use technology to improve workplace productivity. Productivity enhancement, intuitive workflows, access to real-time information, reminder tools, and mobile access to practice data are among the top priorities. 

At MacPractice, we have always designed our software to help practices be more productive. We do this by working with our clients across multiple specialties. No one knows a doctor’s office like doctors. We have also carefully cultivated our relationships with third-party partners to provide you with productivity-enhancing products and services. Productivity is our core. 

Patient and Staff Experience

From telehealth to patient portals, online tools have boomed over the last few years. A positive patient experience should be essential when it comes to these technologies. Practices eager to progress with technology also often find themselves under pressure to adapt workflows to the technology they have at hand. We believe the tools you need to run your practice should already support and enhance your productivity.

MacPractice is designed around the workflows that actual physicians and their staff use in practice. Software built for your practice is vital. If doctors and practice managers want to improve their practices with technology, their best bet is to find technology developed with the influence and input of similar businesses. 

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