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Advancements in Digital Dentistry : Sweeping changes are happening across dentistry today and those that don’t adapt will fall behind. There is greater demand for skilled lab technicians and lab consolidations are increasing the pressure to compete.

Every innovative dental lab is investing in digital dentistry to remain competitive. It’s a future with growing populations that will need access to new technologies to keep up with patient demand.

A future is with a population who want their smiles as bright as ever.

Dr. Stephan Wagner, Diplomat of the American Board of Prosthodontics says, “I really look at dentistry as a craft and as a science, the idea that I can make something for someone that will affect their life. You know I just find it to be extremely gratifying. This all can happen only if you are equipped with best innovative technology.”

New Technologies in digital dentistry gives us much better results, just because it is so precise.

A dental lab powered by new technologies will allow making probably the best denture ever made.

In today’s world to provide best to patient’s need labs are transforming themselves and upgrading with new digital equipment in dentistry like 3Shape Trios intraoral 3D digital scanner, 3M Midmark True Definition intraoral 3D digital scanner, Cadent Align iTero intraoral 3D digital scanner and Sirona Connect (Cerec inLab) intraoral 3D digital scanner.

The new digital platform technology allows delivering high quality restorations at a very affordable price. In addition that ongoing evolution allows serving more and giving broader access to higher quality restorations, hence giving better services to the patient with better satisfying results at affordable costs.

Digital Dentistry has reinvented its entire imaging system along with the clinical aspects of Dentistry.  We stand now right at the cutting edge, the leading edge of technology and patient care. Now with the digital imaging that we have both the two-dimensional imaging and the three-dimensional imaging in a digital format it allows us to get the images with less radiation, it allows us to store the images quickly and easily, it allows us to transfer the images to other specialists so we can get second opinions when necessary so the patients benefit from less radiation from ease of operation from the opinions of all the clinical specialists when needed.

In the digital workflow the amount of error is basically zero it’s very predictable and very precise for example, if we may make a final impression for a crown in the old days we would take the material and put it in your mouth and wait for it to set up and then we have to pour casts and it’s a very long arduous procedure but now we can actually take a wand and put it in your mouth take a picture of the crown preparation and we can actually have that crown made for you within a matter of hours, instead of the patient having to wait for many weeks for a restoration.

Probably the most profound change over the last ten years has been guided implant surgery. We can now virtually plan an implant surgery before the patient even sits in the chair for the surgery. We know exactly where the dental implant needs to go by the use of software which allows us to get that implant in place. Closer than a millimeters accuracy of where we want it to be, so we can actually provide surgical services and restorative services at the same appointment time for a lot of patients. The patient can walk out go home and heal with teeth that they can eat with it. They can smile with it, they can go out in public with and this makes a really big difference.

In the quality of life for those patients it really changes lives. There’s a lot of great digital technology out there. There’s also a lot of technology out there that is not proven and so we can take this technology into our laboratories before it goes to the patient. We can do evidence-based Studies on it, to make sure that it is effective, reliable, is predictable, efficient and that will in turn affect the way that this digital technology advances oral health.

We are uniquely poised to affect the advancements of digital dentistry.

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Advancements in Digital Dentistry

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