Advanced Chiropractic Relief LLC. is Helping Chiropractors Help Their Patients with the Ring Dinger® Technique

Adjustments on the Y axis, it’s a Ring Dinger®

Houston Chiropractor Dr. Gregory Johnson, Managing Member of Advanced Chiropractic Relief LLC in Houston Texas is now teaching other licensed D.C. ‘s how to adjust on the X, Y & Z axes. Dr. Johnson believes licensed Chiropractors should get back to their core art of adjusting the spine influencing the function of the human body the way he learned how to adjust and practice Chiropractic adjustments at Palmer College of Chiropractic in Davenport Iowa. Dr. Johnson has been practicing Chiropractic for 40 years and wants to give back to the profession so Chiropractors can have additional tools in their adjusting “toolbox.”

Dr. Johnson also is the Managing Member of Advanced Chiropractic Equipment LLC and Advanced Chiropractic Seminars LLC also based in Houston Texas. Only licensed Doctors of Chiropractic can incorporate Dr. Johnson’s adjustments on the X, Y & Z axes or take a 3 day clinical seminar or subscribe to a patented Non Surgical Manual Spinal Neural Decompression table nicknamed the Ring Dinger® table.

This amazing technique has been used to adjust patients on the Y axis for 40 years but is only now being taught to other Chiropractors. Dr. Johnson is an award winning “innovator” of Chiropractic procedures and adjusting techniques which he is now sharing with the Chiropractic profession that he loves. Dr. Johnson believes in teaching licensed Doctors of Chiropractic additional adjusting techniques that can help people get out of pain and function better with Chiropractic Adjustments of the spine, pelvis and extremities of the human body.

Chiropractic care is the largest non pharmacological, non surgical healthcare delivery system in the world and lots of people are seeking Chiropractic care for their healthcare needs differing from the medical profession in that its approach is natural and non surgical, drug free approach to health and wellness.

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