3-dimensional dentistry: La Jolla Dental Boutique offers new technology to keep patients smiling

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Using 3D technology, Drs. Erez and Irene Nosrati, the husband-and-wife team at La Jolla Dental Boutique, have been able to reduce the potential for errors and improve smiles.

The dental office at 525 Nautilus St. uses 3D imaging in many procedures, from aesthetic dentistry — done by general dentist Irene — to complex surgeries, done by periodontist Erez.

The technology is used in aesthetic dentistry to “pre-plan your smile,” Irene said. With 3D imaging, smile reconstruction is easier, creating a “visual design of how the veneers or crowns will look.”

Patients are able to approve the design before temporary crowns and veneers are made, she said. “You know what you’re getting into before getting started.”

Erez said a patient can “see the final result before we even start touching his teeth.”

Erez uses the same technology for dental implants, starting with sending a CT scan of the patient and a 3D scan of the patient’s mouth to the lab.

The lab puts the two images together, enabling Erez to conduct a “virtual restoration” of the tooth. “We can show the patient how he will look with the implant,” leading to more accurate implant placement, he said.

The use of technology reduces human error, Irene said. “Everything is pre-planned and pre-designed. The patient knows what they’re getting into [and] we know what we’re getting into.”

A lot of patients are amazed to see the technology in use, Erez said, increasing their acceptance and reducing their reluctance.

The office’s switch to a new teeth whitening system called Sinsational Smile has proved to be a hit recently as well, Irene said.

Most whitening systems “are pretty torturous,” she said, requiring patients to have their mouths forced open with retractors for 40 to 60 minutes. The procedure also is typically expensive and causes gum and tooth sensitivity.

“It’s not something most people do again,” Irene said.

The Sinsational Smile procedure is shorter at 20 minutes, does not cause sensitivity and is done without retraction, she said. It also comes with a take-home pen for 60 touch-up applications.

The first session is $189; subsequent visits with regularly scheduled dental cleanings are $99.

“This is the first system I’ve seen where people are actually doing it over and over and over again because they’re seeing their results in a [more pleasant] process,” Irene said.

The Nosratis, who bought the decades-old practice in 2018 from Dr. Jacob Russell, team up to discuss treatment plans.

They completed an office renovation last year, updating everything from equipment to countertops to flooring.

The practice is seeing many new patients, both recently moved to La Jolla and those who live all over the country, including as far away as New York and Florida.

Irene attributes the out-of-town patients to word of mouth.

“It’s the trust and the combination of services we provide together,” she said.

For more information, visit lajolladentalboutique.com.

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